The Latest Adventure:
Jayme rode approximately 2,200 miles, 1,400 along the spine of the Continental Divide from Canada to near Colorado.  He lived in the wilderness for three months.  For detailed information on the expedition, including his journal, a map, and photographs, visit a private Internet address:
Winter 2010/Spring 2011...Jayme is revising a book manuscript while traveling and shooting for television.  He is planning his next adventure (stay tuned; it’ll be a doozy).  
Centennial Mountains Near Henry’s Lake, Idaho
On Horse Prairie just over the Montana side of the Divide where Lewis & Clark first crossed.  No place to stay but in a junkyard on private land.  Old bus was full of Apple II E computers (mobile school lab).
Just south of Salmon, Idaho.  The stock saw this lush spot of grass and they didn’t want to go any further, so Jayme let them have a snack before continuing.
Passed this ranch near Lima, Montana.  Notice the boy’s footwear.  Now that’s “stylin’,” son.  Jayme wasn’t sure why, but the sister just pulled these sheep behind her everywhere she went.
While camping in a junkyard, Jayme took the opportunity to pose for some funny pictures.  Looks real, doesn’t it?
Racing Woof down a glacier in the Wind River Range, Wyoming.  Jayme didn’t know he would go so fast and almost busted his leg when he hit the bottom.
“If you ride your bike wearing cowboy might be a redneck!”  Jayme loved this kid, who greeted him by sticking out his tongue.  The kid looked surprised--and pleased--when Jayme responded in kind.
Almost to Monida Pass in stock driveway along interstate.  Jayme was lucky to have a friend along; she carried the panniers in her truck and let Jayme give the pack animals a rest.
After being chased by an angry range bull, Jayme stopped at this reservoir in southern Montana to snack and rest.  Big Mama wouldn’t stop eating to take the picture!
Along the Divide outside of Mack’s Inn, Idaho.  Only a few miles from Yellowstone.  All the old logging roads were like a maze and a made a couple of wrong turns.  NIce, flat ground for a change.
A friend named Ron gave Jayme his first state sticker.  He put it on his pannier because it made the pack mule look like one of those well-traveled rvs.  In the end, the box displayed four state stickers.
10,800 feet in the Wind River Range.  Have you ever seen so many rocks?  Beautiful country, though.  And after 1,200 miles, finally some good weather!
During a thunderstorm (as usual), leaving Lost Trail Pass at the Idaho/Montana border.  The animals and Jayme were tired and very hungry.
On the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming.  Jayme and the stock got their drinking water directly from springs and melting glaciers.
The Centennial Mountains were snowed in, so Jayme skirted them a bit.  This is just after he had crossed into Idaho (again) from Montana.
After climbing yet another high pass, the team descended into the stunning Green Rivers Lakes basin and began climbing again.  Could see five mountain ranges from this spot.
About fifty miles southeast of Yellowstone in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.  Almost to Togwotee Mountain Lodge, the entering point for the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming.