Jayme Feary traded his career as a business speaker and human performance technology consultant for the life of a writer and adventurer.  He lives in the Rocky Mountain West with his dog Woof and mule Big Mama.
Jayme has worked as a teacher, corporate trainer and executive coach; as a cowboy, dude wrangler, packer, and horse trainer.
He writes articles for commercial magazines, (specializing in narrative nonfiction) including equine, western lifestyle, and general interest publications.  
Jayme’s Other Passion
Big Mama the Mule
Personal Photos
Jayme is revising his first book manuscript, a memoir about his attempt to be the first person to ride a horse the entire length of the Continental Divide Trail in a single season.
Jayme is a writer, photographer, and speaker.
He is a well-known long distance horseman, one of 180 Long Riders in the world.  He is a member of the Back Country Horsemen of America.
 Woof the Dog
in Tennessee