The Dog Man
Perhaps because Jayme was raised on a farm and spent as much time with animals as with people, he has always had a connection with critters, especially horses and dogs. Jayme trains all levels of obedience, and he specializes in solving behavior problems such as:
Ruling the house
Urinating inside
Running away
Separation anxiety
Emotional problems
Shelter dog issues
Past physical abuse
Lack of respect
Fixations & obsessions
Lack of socialization
Fear & Timidity
Won’t listen
How many dog trainers back their work with a money-back guarantee?
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Crosby--Needed socialization
Sug/Luv--Problems walking on leash
Cody--Extreme timidity
A Few Dog Clients & Friends
Spud--Barking to get his way
Brighty--Listening and walking on leash
Frannie--Give up control over household
Miko--Needed manners
Yason--Wiid man
Dog Training
Woof--Working with livestock