Announcement:  Due to a full schedule, Jayme is presently not taking new horses for training.
Horse Training
  The Anti-Whisperer
Jayme is not a “horse whisperer.”  He is simply someone who loves and studies equines.  He has a unique ability to connect with--and understand--horses and mules.  His specialty is starting colts and solving behavioral problems.
Jayme uses natural horsemanship but does not spoil his horses.  He turns out a kind but focused horse.  His equines are very light to the touch.  He loves mules and trains them, too.  Jayme is perfect for beginning to advanced training, but others trainers are more appropriate when specialty training is required (reining, cutting, dressage, hunter/jumper, etc.)
Jayme has studied the methods of various well-known horse trainers.  He interned at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in Solvang, California.
Due to his writing schedule, he only trains a limited number of equines each spring and summer.  Check far in advance to insure availability.
Solvable Problems
Lying Down
Pulling Back
Trailer Loading Issues
Head Tossing
Head Butting
Disrespectful of Space
Hard to Catch
Moving During Mounting
Jayme is always happy to provide references from past equine training clients.  Ask for this information when you call to discuss your needs.
Right of Refusal
Jayme reserves the right to return a horse if, for any reason, he believes he cannot adequately meet the training objective.  If the horse is excessively dangerous, etc., he will return the horse and refund your money.  This has only happened once, and Jayme believes that 95% of horses, despite their histories and habits, can make good mounts, but he reserves the right of refusal for the exceptions.
    Sacking Out
   Smoke & Noise
  Desensitization Course
Equine Training Photos
 Equine Training Videos


Honors & Experiences

Jayme is one of 180 persons worldwide to have received the title “Long Rider.”  He received this honor from the Long Riders’ Guild, the world’s leading horse travel authority.  Jayme was honored for his three-month pack trip along the top of the Continental Divide from Canada to Colorado.  Few persons in the country are as as knowledgeable about sustained high-altitude horse travel. 

Jayme is a member of the Backcountry Horsemen of America.  He is an authority who writes regularly for equine-related periodicals.
Horse Training Costs

Young Colt “Quick Start” 

30 Day Colt Start

60 Day Colt Start

90 Day Colt Start

Behavior Resolution
Depends on problem.  Will 
quote price upon inspection.

Trick Training
Cost Dependent on Trick
(Yes/No, Bowing, Rearing, Retrieval of Objects, Shaking Hands, Etc.) 

Discounts available 
for multiple horses.
If horse trained at your
 facility, travel time applies.
Bartering an option if 
agreed to in advance.

Rider Training Costs




Warm Months Program

Cold Months Program
(This program is predicated on the use of an indoor riding arena.  
Those costs are the rider’s.)

Horse Packing Instruction
Two-day Basic Program
Week-long Intensive Program
(*Includes an overnight pack trip to practice your skills)

Rider training is tailored the the individual’s needs, no matter whether the rider is a rote beginner or advanced rider.  Most instruction is given while you are riding, which increases “seat time.”  You will do some arena riding, and, depending on need and desire, ride on trails, roads, public places, etc.

Group rates are available.
Obstacle Training
   Beginner Rider
       Jiggy Horse Still
    Teaching Cattle Work
Packing Training
Colt on First Ride
Natural Obstacles
 Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy with the results of the training, Jayme
will refund your money or, at
no charge, work longer
with your horse.
This determination must be
 made at the time of pickup,
not after you return home.
Participation Requirement
Jayme knows that the owner/rider is crucial to the success of the training.  Therefore, he REQUIRES, to a small degree, the owner’s participation in the training.  When Jayme releases a horse from training, he is confident the horse has achieved the objectives.  He wants to insure that the owner knows how to implement and reinforce the training at home.  
   After First Ride
   Training Saddle Mule
Jayme Feary Riding 
One Of His 
Favorites, “Elk.”
Mustang Under Saddle
    Sacking Out
Trail Experience for Arabian