The Executive Whisperer
Grant Golliher, oracle to corporate America
Jackson Hole Magazine, Summer 2012
Note: the above is an original, unaltered photo.
Story & photography by
The Evolution of Ricky Quinn
Ranch & Reata Magazine, Winter 2012
Story by Jayme Feary
Boys are like colts: their potential begins with their genes.
    Lineage is crucial. A foal by Peptoboonsmall out of a High Brow Cat daughter has a much higher likelihood of
Smoke Elser’s Fire--
A Famous Montana Packer Continues His Life’s Work
American Cowboy Magazine, April 2012
Story by Jayme Feary
Photograph by Michael Gallacher
    As of this fall, 77-year-old outfitter Smoke Elser has spent 8,030 nights in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness. Over 53 years of horse
Lost & Found--
Wyoming K9 Search & Rescue
Jackson Hole Magazine, Winter 2011-2012
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The Invisible Man--
A Writer Goes Homeless To See Who Cares
Missoula Independent, December 22, 2011
Story by Jayme Feary, Photographs by Chad Harder
I sat on the sidewalk
The High Note--
Soaring With Pilot and Opera Singer Kristine Ciesinski
Teton Valley Magazine Summer 2011
Note: This version contains pictures not published in the print version. To view the published version online, visit www.lifeinthetetons.com/Teton-Valley-Magazine/Summer-2011/The-High-Note/
Spreading the Word--
Grant Golliher Spreads Life Lessons Through the Medium of Horses
Ranch & Reata Magazine, Autumn 2011
Story & Photography by Jayme Feary
A feeling nags horseman Grant Golliher.  Inside where heart and soul and intuition intersect, something tells him he is not doing enough, that he should influence
Clay Wright and the Art of the A-ha
Ranch & Reata Magazine, Summer 2011
Note: This version contains many photos not published in the magazine version. To read the article as it appeared in the magazine, visit http://viewer.epaperflip.com/Viewer.aspx?docid=9f88bf10-644e-
A Propitiation for Sins
Flash Fiction
At ten years old, Alex becomes the man of the house and sacrifices himself for his mother’s mistakes.
“Sitting Up With the Dead”
Short Yarn
Arnell and his big brother must sit up all night with their dead grandmother.  How will they make it through the night?
“Right Between the Eyes”
Short Yarn
When Wire Brush Wanda threatens to hold him down and kiss him, a boy uses his last--and most lethal--option.
“Never Trust A Sheepherder”
Short Story
After the premiere of the movie Brokeback Mountain, two homophobic cowboys face their worst fear.
“Grandma's Vega”
Nonfiction Vignette--Memoir
At sixty-three years of age, grandma learns to drive.
“Eight-Legged Muse”
Short Short Story
A new arrival inspires a failing writer.  Will this new friend be the author’s salvation or destruction?
Nonfiction Vignette--Memoir
by Jayme Feary
    My father drove his ‘67 ’Cuda through the darkness, humming “Bad Moon Rising” and exhaling smoke rings into the roof liner.  Four years old, I stood on the front seat to
“Meeting Mr. Roy”
Fiction Anecdote
Meeting Mr. Roy
P. Compton Riley
    In my tenth year the fantasizing worsened.  My life revolved around the few westerns on television and I fixated on meeting my hero Roy Rogers.  I knew how I’d
“Gator Bank”
Short Story
Gator Bank
by P. Compton Riley
    Another of Wayford’s redbone hounds, the one missing half an ear, had vanished.  He had heard Old Buster on the far side of the swamp, baying with the other three
“Riding America’s Spine”
A Journey of Discovery Along the Continental Divide
Book Sample; Manuscript Currently in Revision
This is sample from Jayme’s next book, Riding America’s Spine, a memoir about his attempt to be the first person to ride the entire length of the U.S. Continental Divide in a single season.  The
Jayme specializes in narrative nonfiction, but also writes fiction, traditional nonfiction, and cowboy poetry.
Concentrating On 
Plot & Characters
Visit the archive to read a book sample from Jayme’s next book, Riding America’s Spine, a memoir about his attempt to be the first person to ride a horse the length of the U.S. Continental Divide in a single season.
Current Book Projects
Jayme currently has four book manuscripts in progress.  The book covers are for illustration purposes only.
Short Works
Please enjoy reading any of the following pieces. Feel free to pass your friends a link or a printed copy. These stories are meant to be shared. Visit the archive for a full listing.
Letters From Wyoming Letters and stories describing the life of a
 dude ranch cowboy.
What You Forgot Ain’t Worth Remembering
A collection of southern
flash fiction..
The Management Whisperer
 A novel of adventure, heartbreak, and triumph.
Riding America’s Spine
 A journey of discovery along the Continental Divide.
Riding America’s Spine
Jayme Feary